What is the significance level of the comparison?
January 22, 2019
You are a nurse working in drug and alcohol consultation and liaison service. You arrive on duty at 0900 hours and have been delegated a referral for a drug and alcohol assessment, the client is waiting in the emergency department of the in the local hospital.
January 22, 2019

Your comparative politics project will require you to write a research paper in which you analyze and make recommendations about a key political issue in the United States, Nigeria, or Mexico. You select only one nation as your focus

Project Overview

Your comparative politics project will require you to write a  research paper in which you  analyze and make recommendations about a  key political issue in the United  States, Nigeria, or Mexico. You  select only one nation as your focus


hose only one of the questions  below to discuss as the topic of your research paper:

  1. USA.      “Describe what you feel will be one or  two key economic and social       issues to be debated at the 2016  Presidential elections in the United States       – based on your work  in this class. What direction do you feel should be       taken in the  country in order to solve the specific problems       mentioned?”
  2. Nigeria. Read       your textbook’s chapter on  Nigeria in West Africa. Answer the question:       “How have the  frequent shifts from civilian to military rule and back       again  exacerbated Nigeria’s social and economic problems? What direction        do you feel Nigeria should take in the future? Explain.”
  3. Mexico. Read       your textbook’s chapter on  Mexico in Central America. Answer the question:       “How and why did  forces undermining the PRI (Institutional       Revolutionary Party)  emerge, culminating in the victory of Vicente Fox of       PAN (the  National Action Party). In political terms, where do you feel        Mexico should go in the future?”

submit a final thesis statement and outline for your Comparative  Politics Project. In the outline show where you will insert your  research quotations and  citations.

grading rubric


·  Thesis   is clearly stated for the intended audience.

· Outline follows the Roman Numeral   Format and provides details of the main points and sub points that will be   addressed in paper


  • Thesis        contains the seeds of all of the key points to be developed in the        paper.
  • Ideas        and examples listed in outline are developed out of thesis bringing        coherence (ideas follow a logical order and are connected to each        other).


Writing is developed to “show,” that is, to be   concrete and scenic with narrative rather than just “tell” with   abstract exposition. Concrete examples, quotations, anecdotes, descriptions,   etc. are fully developed in effective proportion to support the ideas of the   thesis and outline.


· Writing uses Standard Edited   American English. Language and diction are appropriate to audience.

· Follows rules for   grammar, spelling and usage. Writing has a polished and elegant style.

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