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Crime Scene Investigation and Evidence Collection

Respond to the following questions:

  • What are the steps and characteristics of a successful criminal investigation?  

It is important to note that it is necessary to conduct a thorough investigation of a crime scene. “Going back to re-do crime scene investigations  to collect missed evidence, and correct mistakes will diminishes the credibility of  investigations. Case in point, the JonBenet Ramsey murder, as reported by ABC Good Morning America”(Myles,2000, p. 5). 

A criminal investigation is when they discover, and collect, prepare, identify, also present evidence to determine who is guilty of committing a crime. Criminal investigators “First and foremost, they provide emergency assistance. They then proceed to secure the crime scene. They photograph, videotape, and sketch the scene; take notes and write reports; search for, obtain, and process physical evidence; obtain information from witnesses and suspects; and identify suspects. Other aspects of their job entail conducting raids, surveillances, stakeouts, and undercover assignments, and testifying in court (Criminal Investigations, 2013).

Why is evidence collection so important to a crime scene investigation?  

The tagging, labeling & marking of the proof adds credibility & control to our ability to identifying the item. The chain of custody is defined as the witnessed, written record of all of the individuals who maintained unbroken control over the items of proof. It establishes the proof that the items of proof collected at the crime scene is the same proof that is being introduced in a court of law.

  • What can negatively and positively impact evidence collection? Provide examples from a particular crime scene featured in Criminal Investigation or another source.


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