Transference and Countertransference Working with Children
September 3, 2021
For Phylis young 4 assigments
September 3, 2021

Writing essay | English homework help


 I hope the assistance of someone who has knowledge of an academic essay


Title of the articl:


( Solutions of rise in traffic accidents in Saudi Arabia)



Must be subject contains three theses


1- Performance of Police 

2- Culture of family 

3- Role of Education


I want the next


1. Writing neo Alcaddama flour

A body that includes every single quote (no attachments in quotations ready you have to choose what fits idea)

3. Use a formate when you use a quote (if you do not know can I send an example)


4. If you can not do that I do not need your services



Glimpses fast

1. Police in Saudi Arabia too lenient – are not serious – they do not apply the regulations – the performance of the police weak

1. Saudi family culture .. buy cars for their children who are in 16 years – manifestations -Your love watching their children when the children are leading the

3. Education has an important role in the delivery of important messages – no big roles to them – what is their role in building a new generation respects the Air Traffic



Instructions and quotations in attachments





Tomorrow I just want an introduction and one body


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