The U.S. health care system has many weaknesses with the primary issue being the extremely high cost of care.
March 13, 2021
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March 13, 2021

world war 2 era

HISTORICAL CONTEXT: The post World War II era was nothing short of tense. A time period when Capitalism clashed with Communism. Different competing ideologies between the Soviet Union and United States kept both countries keeping one eye open even during times of rest. These countries will compete in all areas of life whether it be socially, politically and/or economically all in the end to find these actions would shape human history for years to come. TASK: Was the Cold War an ideological conflict, or was it the result of misunderstandings, animosities, and differences of style rather than substance? To what extent can either the Americans or the Soviets be “blamed” for the emergence of the Cold War? Provide at least 2 firm examples with detail to support your answers.


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