Describe      3 essential elements/factors necessary to determine whether or not someone      is practicing healthy sexuality.
August 19, 2018
Describe 3 essential elements/factors necessary to determine whether or not someone is practicing healthy sexuality.
August 19, 2018
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What would you want to research? You are to create a potential research project.

All bolded terms in your paper PLUS You are to use six additional terms from chapter 1 and six from chapter 2. Do not give me definitions of the terms in your paper. Your task is to use the terms correctly in your paper without defining them. Extra credit given if your idea comes from the Black child development and Psychgenetic articles provided in Ecourses. KEY TERMS Chapter 1 psychology, p. 2 science, p. 2 behavior, p. 2 critical thinking, p. 3 behavioral approach, p. 9 sociocultural approach, p. 11 variable, p. 13 theory, p. 14 hypothesis, p. 14 case study, p. 18 correlational research, p. 20 third variable problem, p. 21 experiment, p. 23 random assignment, p. 23 independent variable, p. 24 dependent variable, p. 24 experimental group, p. 24 control group, p. 24 experimenter bias, p. 25 research participant bias, p. 26 population, p. 29 sample, p. 29 random sample, p. 30 naturalistic observation, p. 32 KEY TERMS Chapter 2 nervous system, p. 43 afferent nerves, p. 44 efferent nerves, p. 44 somatic nervous system, p. 45 autonomic nervous system, p. 45 sympathetic nervous system, p. 46 parasympathetic nervous system, p. 46 stress, p. 46 stressors, p. 46 neurotransmitters, p. 52 hindbrain, p. 60 brain stem, p. 61 midbrain, p. 61 reticular formation, p. 61 forebrain, p. 61 amygdala, p. 61 hippocampus, p. 62 thalamus, p. 62 basal ganglia, p. 62 hypothalamus, p. 63 cerebral cortex, p. 64 neocortex, p. 64 occipital lobes, p. 64 temporal lobes, p. 65 frontal lobes, p. 65 prefrontal cortex, p. 65 parietal lobes, p. 65 somatosensory cortex, p. 65 hormones, p. 71 pituitary gland, p. 72 adrenal glands, p. 72 genes, p. 77 dominant-recessive genes principle, p. 78 genotype, p. 80 phenotype, p. 80]]>

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