Prison Break is a story of sacrifice, selfless love, and the complex nature of human beings. The movie aims at showing the audience how far human beings can go to protect their family and loved ones. The simple message in the series is that there comes a time where ones’ true values and principles in life are tested beyond measure.
January 22, 2019
In what ways do you need more support from family and friends?
January 22, 2019

What is Success?

“What is Success?” Please respond to the following:

In this course you will be considering how psychological concepts can be applied to foster success in your life. Because success means different things to different people, it’s necessary to start by defining success. To think about your own definition, please read this Forbes article “The Answer to this Question Will Define What Success Means to You“, and then respond to the following:

  • Create your personal definition of success by answering the question posed in the the article: “When I’m 100 years old and I look back over my life, what would make me think my time was well spent?”
  • In order to achieve success based on your own definition, what specific life goals are most important to accomplish in the next few years?

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