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April 5, 2021
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April 5, 2021
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what is butler warning us about

Choose ONE of the following. More than 150 words.

1. Gloria Steinem writes: [Parable of the Sower’s] title refers to the Biblical verse that describes not the seed, but the differing grounds it falls on; a challenge to readers who will be the ground for seeds of warning.

(For the article by Steinem, click here:

Explain what you believe Steinem could mean by “a challenge to readers who will be the ground for seeds of warning.” What is Butler warning us about? Be sure to use quotes from the novel. Include page numbers.

2. Compare the general situation in Parable of the Sower or a specific problem or “scene” with a current or recent event or situation. Make your comparison specific and detailed. Use quotes from the novel. Use page numbers.


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