March 7, 2021
Problem Solving and Judgment
March 7, 2021
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Week14 Health Research Assignment 460


As you can see you are building on what you have already completed. Jut please take assignment four and write a new heading called development and under that heading you will write what you will do to DEVELOP your study. Maybe you want to talk about your sample or your participants. Maybe you want to discuss why you need more or different articles for your literature review. You have creative freedom here. Maybe you want to discuss how you thought you would do a quantitative study but now you want to do a qualitative or mixed methods study. A big part of the research process is constant refinement. And in order to refine something, you need to reflect on it. This asssignment is allowing you to do so. 


Here you will cut and paste your refined research question


Here you will write an introduction to your study.


Here you will list five citations of scholarly articles that are pertinent to your study. 



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