Topic: Medical Versus Social ModelLong-term care (LTC) has often been thought of as the place where people go to die. Thankfully, this is one area of health care that has experienced significant refor
November 20, 2020
A scientist was observing an unknown slide under an electron microsocope; he found a cell without a well-defined nucleus but with a thick cell wall
November 20, 2020

Week 5 Discussion Mgt

PLease make sure you put the question with the response and  responses must be 75 to 100 words!! Also make sure you answer all 8 !
1)  What do companies need to consider in order to achieve a successful differentiation strategy?
2)  What are the traits of social value organizations and how do they differ from other types of organizations?
3)  Key performance indicators: Primary drivers of information systems design
4)  Financial key performance indicators in engineering companies 
5)  The effect of family control on corporate performance
6)  What are key areas that businesses need to look at when evaluating their performance?
7)  Evaluate company strategy and social value
8) Examine product diversification.
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