Critically discuss current therapeutic strategies in the managment of a patient in the ICU with Acute Kidney Injury/failure
April 8, 2021
Discussion Questions 19775253
April 8, 2021

week 4 discussion questions 7

1. Reflect on collection of data, data cleansing and preparation activities, and selection and application of models, including challenges/struggles, procedures, approach, etc.

How do you know that the data you are collecting will be useful?

2. How did you determine the data timeframe to review? Why did you select the data that you used for your analytics project? Why did you exclude other data? What barriers can you come up against when trying to obtain data (i.e., confidential data, personal data, or personnel data)?

**Again, I attached the data that we used for our project below so you can better answer these discussion questions. Thank you**


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