April 8, 2021
Overview: As the final project for PSY 108, you will choose a problem or issue from a provided list to which you can apply the concepts or theories learned in this class.
April 8, 2021

Week 1 Assignments 19802753

Assignment #1: 

For week 1, analyze two different business structures for YOUR venture: Why you might select that business structure The advantages and disadvantages of each structure

Next, describe the nature of your venture. In your description include the following: Name of your venture Nature of the business The objectives of the venture The business structure you have decided that is best for your venture Explain your business structure decision

Visuals, such as tables, are encouraged.

Minimum 3 pages of content in APA format

Assignment #2: Complete the following using information from your business. If you have not gotten to the point with your business idea that you have numbers, now is a great time to start guesstimating. If you have not yet focused in on a specific business idea, pick one for this class as you will gain so much more from all of the assignments if you do. Develop your current cash flows statement using spreadsheet software. Organize your activities into the three major sources (see Lesson and reading). Calculate your ROE using the DuPont equation (see Lesson and reading). Determine the changes you can make to increase your ROE. Submit an accompanying Word document that explains your current ROE and the changes to increase your ROE.

Include a minimum of two scholarly sources (in addition to the textbook)

Minimum 2 pages

Format your paper according to APA guidelines

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