You can choose how to approach your topic, narrow its scope, and advance a particular position, but you must justify each of your decisions and your positions with scholarly evidence. References &amp
November 22, 2021
I will provide you with the proper textbook cite that will be in the references at the end of the essay.”
November 22, 2021

voice over internet protocol 1

VoIP is clearly a growing technology. However, VoIP does not have toll grade voice quality because of the non-deterministic nature of Internet traffic. Arjona, et al. (2008) evaluates VoIP performance in current implementations of 3G Internet protocols. The results are predictable: VoIP suffers in varying degrees in all the systems. Analyze and discuss, not how you might change the Internet protocols, but instead analyze and discuss what changes might be made to the VoIP protocol itself to improve performance in an Internet transmission environment.


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