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Virtue Habits philosophy homework help

Virtue & Habits

One aspect of Aristotle’s virtue ethics is the idea that virtues are formed through the habits that we develop over time. Like any other habit, virtues affect not just what we do, but our desires and emotions as well. Focusing on either Hill’s article or Robinson’s article, how might virtue ethics apply to environmental issues or military service?(Please focus your answer on one of those issues, but feel free to discuss the other in reply to other people’s posts.)

Please note that there are more virtue theories of ethics than just the one proposed by Aristotle. Keep your eye on the Announcements section of the course home page. Information about the other virtue ethics theories will be posted to the announcements as the week goes along. 

How would a virtue ethicist reply to someone who says that they want to do more regarding the environment or they want to be more courageous but are too “weak willed” to do that? 

Use examples from the assigned media when appropriate.

300 words or more. 

Please use the links to complete the assignment and use in-text citations.


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