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June 9, 2021
Now that you understand Walden’s policy on academic integrity, you will examine writing samples that may or may not adhere to Walden’s policy. This exercise will help you learn how to identify app
June 9, 2021
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users of automation systems in manufacturing 1

First, select a novel operations technology, and describes its contribution (or projected contribution if really new) to the current state of the operations art. It would be most useful if you have been exposed to that technology on your job, and can report on first hand. Examples of technologies of interest are sourcing and procurement strategies, manufacturing operational strategies, distribution strategies, supply chain information systems, electronic commerce, or anything else that is of interest to you and would likely interest class members, but within the domain of operations. If in doubt, contact me.

Second, research the current state of the chosen technology and summarize it in your report. Find out the current or emerging commercial “players”, and look at their future technological directions. Based on at least three sources (ordinary articles or Web pages, to be referenced in your report), address at least the following points using data and facts:

o What are the key technical and economical aspects of the technology which benefit the marketplace (consumers of this technology, both individual and corporation)?

o Who are the current “movers and shakers” in this area? Compare and contrast their technological and business approaches, products, etc.

o What are the current impediments to their approaches for acceptance in the marketplace? Examples are ease of use, price, technological longevity, etc.

Third, based on the current state of the technology, express your personal opinion and conclusions on the future of the chosen technology and its applications. Make sure your arguments are logical and backed by your research; you are encouraged, however, to voice opinions gleaned from your personal “crystal ball” (convictions and intuition), but be reasonable (and brief…). You may attach to your report supporting material, such as graphs and charts. Remember, anybody can collate material from the Web, but it is more difficult to analyze such material and reach conclusions. Analysis and conclusions will be the components of your group project most heavily weighted.

Above is my overall project requirement.

But you job is only focus on one part. the Outline is attempted. and please don’t conflict with other parts, APA format, 1 pages, single space. Please don’t plagiarize!Reduce some fancy word.


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