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February 23, 2021
Option #1: Creating a Strong Research Plan
February 23, 2021

Usability Engineering 19682263

  The Government website has changed since the specification was written, so here are the two files required for this assignment: TRA_State_of_the_Industry_2019 (2).pdfActions IVS-Results-YE-Sept-2019 (1).xlsx Weight: 25% Assignment due date: Monday 25th May, 2020 9:00am AEST Length: 4 Pages plus appendices Feedback mode: 

Feedback will be provided using Turnitin’s inline marking tool, the rubric and general comments.  Learning Objectives Assessed:

This assignment assesses Learning Objectives  1, 3 and 6:

1. justify the theory and practice of usability evaluation approaches, methods and techniques

3. design and implement a usability test plan, based on modelling or requirements specification

6. write professional reports to: explain and justify usability concepts; describe results of user studies; make recommendations to stakeholders.

and all the Graduate Learning Outcomes: Graduate Outcomes supported: 

Enabling Knowledge:
You will gain skills as you apply knowledge with creativity and initiative to new situations. In doing so, you will: demonstrate mastery of a body of knowledge that includes recent developments in computer science and information technology.

Critical Analysis:
You will learn to accurately and objectively examine, and critically investigate computer science and information technology (IT) concepts, evidence, theories or situations, in particular to:
— analyse and model complex requirements and constraints for the purpose of designing and implementing software artefacts and IT systems
— evaluate and compare designs of software artefacts and IT systems on the basis of organisational and user requirements.

Problem Solving:
Your capability to analyse complex problems and synthesise suitable solutions will be extended as you learn to: design and implement software solutions that accommodate specified requirements and constraints, based on analysis or modelling or requirements specification.

You will learn to communicate effectively with a variety of audiences through a range of modes and media, in particular to: interpret abstract theoretical propositions, choose methodologies, justify conclusions and defend professional decisions to both IT and non-IT personnel via technical reports of professional standard and technical presentations.


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