November 27, 2021
The new rule was promised last September in the Republicans’ Pledge to America. Its appeal is evident. Americans extol the virtues of self-government, by which we mean constitutional self-government. That is, we govern ourselves under our Constitution, the “”supreme law of the land.”” Because members of Congress, like the president and members of the Supreme Court, take an oath to uphold the Constitution, it is fair to ask whether congressmen are living up to their oath if they pass a law without considering their constitutional authority to enact it in the first place.
November 27, 2021

Urp3001-discussion post | Social Science homework help

Your initial posting should address all the questions in the prompt in a minimum of 500 words. Read your peers’ postings and leave at least two well-thought responses in a minimum of 75 words.

  • You must submit 1 Initial Post by 11:59pm on the due date.
  • Initial Posts must be at least 500 words long and must address the discussion prompt. 
  • Response Posts must EACH be at least 75 words long and must respond to another group members’ thoughts.  (You must submit at least 2 Response Posts by 11:59pm on the date the assignment closes.)
  • To receive full credit your response must include in-text citations to make note of facts and opinions you quote, paraphrase, and borrow ideas from.
  • To receive full credit, you must include in-text and bibliographic citations for all documents provided through the assignment and for external documents you use to support your argument.
  • For in-text citations and bibliography use the APA style.

You can use citation generating websites like (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) to avoid mistakes.

For distribution of points for prompts, citations, and bibliography please see the assignment rubric. Pay close attention to the point distribution, and provide responses that are commensurate with the point values.

Part 1:

In your post answer the following questions.

  1. What are the benefits and pitfalls of both increased development and of historic preservation? (up to 6 pts)
  2. In what ways did urban renewal impact American cities (up to 6 pts)
  3. How has planning and land development patterns created a racialized geography in cities? (up to 8 pts)
  4. Use a case study of a city not mentioned in the articles/videos to support your arguments (up to 6 pts).
  5. Use reliable external articles, videos, and data to support your arguments and properly cite your sources in APA format (up to 4 pts).

Use of photos, maps, external links (e.g., news articles), etc. is encouraged.

Part 2:

You must reply to others’ posts to show your agreement/disagreement with their ideas with a strong argument based on a thorough research of your own. A high-quality response will identify areas of agreement and/or disagreement. Explain why you agree or disagree, provide evidence or proof to support your reasoning.

  • 2 or more well thought out replies. (up to 5 pts)


All provided material must be cited bibliographically. Failure to properly cite all documents bibliographically, and in-text when appropriate, will result in an automatic deduction of 3 points.

Imagining Futures: Architecture, Planning, and the Black Power Movement

When Historic Preservation Clashes with Housing Affordability

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