Critical Survey of Forensic Analytics
October 22, 2020
Utensil Box Case – Spring 2017.docx Questions: Produce projected income statements, balance sheets, and cash budgets for Utensil Box Inc.
October 22, 2020

unit v

You are working an 8,000-gallon gasoline tanker fire carrying an unknown amount of product overturned on a major artery connecting two major cities. There are no shipping papers to confirm product identification as the cab was fully involved. From a distance it appears that only two numbers are still visible on the placard – 63. You have units lay a large diameter hose line and set up an unmanned monitor to begin blanketing the fire. Initial you maintained 150-foot isolation from the spill. You have only ten five-gallon containers of AFFF foam on hand and make a request for more foam. You are attempting to protect the flammable liquids that have not yet ignited and are pooling on the roadway. Because of the ease of AFFF-enhanced water mixtures, you use a ground monitor set on fog to both generate and deliver the foam. The monitor was making an adequate blanket using the application rate of 0.16 gpm/sq. ft; however, the blanket did not appear to be effective.From the scenario, explain what type of fuel is involved in the overturned tanker. What is the best agent for fighting this fire? Why do you think this? The point of this discussion question is for you to actively and skillfully conceptualize, apply, analyze, and evaluate the foam and why was it breaking up. What has been your observation, experience, reflection, or reasoning for the foam not holding?

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