: Preparing for the Informational Interview
September 25, 2018
Global Societal Problem, Argument and Solution
September 25, 2018

Two complete this project you must select a well known murderer

Psychology paper.

Two pages, double spaced, APA format. Must have refrences attached. 

Two complete this project you must select a well known murderer. Please, none of the the usuals such as Dahmer or Bundy. The murderer can be international, it dosen’t have to be an American. 

For your final exam, you will be incorporating all of the topics you learned throughout the course. You are to choose a real life criminal and answer the questions listed below about the individual and the crime. You are to make sure the sources you use are reputable and to be trusted. You may choose any individual you want; however, I would advise you choose a more “notorious” criminal as will need sufficient information to complete the final.

1. Please include an overview of the crime.  This should be a thorough explanation of the all individuals involved and a detailed account of what happened as well as the final outcome of the case.

2. Is there any evidence of heredity playing a role in the development of the characteristics of the individual who committed the crime?

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