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November 3, 2021
Post a description of a social or economic justice issue that is evident in the case. Suggest two strategies the social worker might employ to address the issue. 
November 3, 2021

Tradegy of the commons | ENV11 | Ashford University

  • Describe an example of the tragedy of the commons in your area. 
  • Identify the natural cycle or system that is being impacted and any threats to the sustainability of a specific resource.
  • Additionally, identify the people or organization that is responsible for this tragedy of the commons.
  • Provide one potential solution that could keep this tragedy from degrading the well-being of your neighbors or community.

I live in San Antonio, TX and there used to be alot of farmland (cattle ranches) and woods where I live now they are being bought or cut down to built new houses and businesses. Animals such as dear are now roaming around lost with no home or food. Please talk about that issue to answer each question above.  This is just a discussion post so nothing more than 350 words is needed. Please if possible due today in 5hrs (4pm) CST -23 Sept.

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