three page literature review personal reflection of researched paper

Annotated bibliography will be provided. As well as example of credible sources. This is a Literature Review NO OPINIONS basically stating facts and reviewing papers.


three page paper followed by at least 5 (five) APA formated references cited in the paper.

Include in the left upper corner of page 1:
1. your name
2. 2020 topic
3. the final small topic
4. date
After inputing this information, begin your paper on page one.
Body of the paper:
– 3pages in APA format
This will be a literature review. There will be no headings in your three pages.
You are reporting on what you found in the scientific, peer reviewed literature.
Minimum of 5 references used and cited in the body of your paper.
These five references will be in APA format on a single page following your three page paper.

Personal reflection of researched paper:

Critical reflection is a reasoning process to make meaning of an experience. It builds connections between
course content and the project experience. Do NOT re-tell me your paper or the topic.
Tell me what you learn, besides the topic, in the process of doing the total assignment.
150-200 words on one page.


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