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The Who What When Where and Why The Interview writing homework help

For this assignment, you will write a complete news story for print or the Internet using information you will collect. This will allow you to develop your interviewing skills.

The target audience is  University’s official student newspaper, the Tropolitan, and its website.

This is a class project. You can tell your subjects that your story will not be published by the Trop. If your story turns out to be something that the Trop is interested in printing, we will conduct the interviews again with your subjects being told that the interviews are for publication.

Your story must be:

·In correct AP style

·Indented and double-spaced according to the instructions you have been given

The Who, What, When, Where and Why — The Interview

You will interview a student leader or another person in a leadership position.

Your leader can, but does not have to, be a student from the Hall School of Journalism and Communication.

Your leader must be an elected officer of a student organization, an appointed director or editor for a student publication, a member of student government, or a person with a similar responsible position. Your story must include at least one hyperlink. For example, you could provide a link to the website of the leader’s organization or a link to a website that the leader has found helpful in achieving his or her goals.

You could take several directions with this assignment. For example, you could ask:

·What is your leadership position?

·What is your greatest accomplishment related to your position?

·What are the requirements for your position?

·What traits must a person have to be successful in your position?

·What do you hope to accomplish next as a leader?

·What are your suggestions for someone who wants to be a leader?

·What tips would you pass on to the leader who follows you in this position?

Write a story that contains 300 to 500 words.


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