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March 7, 2019
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March 7, 2019

The “STAR” Approach To Writing Admissions Essays

Confounded by that admissions essay? Don’t know where to start? Just remember that you have a story to tell, and this is your chance to shine: be a “STAR! It’s all about telling a story. Remember the last dramatic movie you watched? Very likely there was an opening shot to establish what the story was going to be about-the situation. Soon after that, the hero or heroine made an appearance and it became clear exactly what kind of challenge might be confronting him or her in the course of this film-they had a task before them. The heroine made her moves, did her thing, and moved the story forward, until finally the original situation was resolved and there was some sort of closure. In the end, the audience knew the result. This is the set-up of the story, giving TIME, PLACE and CONTEXT. It could be a general setting, but it might also include the broader challenge or conflict that you or your organization faced.

I started taking action? This is your role in the story. It often takes the form of a GOAL, an OBJECTIVE STATEMENT, or an IMPORTANT DECISION to be resolved. It’s important to highlight your collaboration with others, but remember that for purposes of the essay, you are the star of your own story. This answers the question: What specific challenge did I face, given the aforementioned situation? Here’s the heart of the story: admissions officers want to know how you work in action. Offer the highlights and don’t get bogged down in too much detail. This could be in a team context, but remember to show how your actions made a contribution. For example: “I motivated the team by having them meet recovering cancer patients. I assigned tasks and checked in regularly, and successfully mediated team disputes. This answers the question: What actions did I take to resolve the situation and advance toward my (our) goal?

It’s very important to show that there were indeed concrete results and that your actions made a difference. Specific details count here, and you should quantify your results. This answers the question: What was the impact of my actions, and what was the final resolution of the dilemma outlined at the beginning of the story? If this is ambiguous, muddled or uncertain, then you may want to go back and re-frame the situation or pick another story to tell altogether. On the other hand, a positive outcome and happy ending will make your story more powerful and establish you as its star. It is always useful to read other people’s work to get a sense of what good essays are. To assist you, TopAdmit provides you some college admissions essay samples written by counselors and editors hailing from prestigious schools including Harvard. This page contains personal statement samples, statement of purpose samples, and application essay samples for college. But please remember, these are for your reference only; it is not to your benefit to copy their style or concepts. It not only violates academic ethics and could lead to an automatic rejection by the admissions committee — the point of our service is to help you construct a unique essay — not one similar to other essays. Obtain a scholarship easily!

Do you think it is possible, that someone would use the knowledge of another person’s illness as a weapon against him? In this case, we are talking about bipolar disorder. A husband, wife, child, neighbor, co-worker, or even a stranger could potentially do so. It is brutally cruel. It can hurt someone so bad, the emotional scars can last all this life. An occasional hurtful remark or action without thought, is different. We are all prone to doing it, without exception. But when someone makes a pattern of deliberately hurting another person, doing it connivingly, it is torturous. Take time to trust: It goes without saying, that there will be few whom we can trust. That is not just a paranoid view, it is reality. With the limited trust we are willing to give – and what a precious thing trust is – isn’t it worth our time to test the other person? Avoid, or limit contact with such people: Gossipers, those prone to anger, backbiters, people who will make fun at your expense.

Of course, it is not possible to make an exhaustive list. We display such bad qualities at times, but some have such patterns of behavior. So when you think of someone, what qualities come to mind? Do they regularly help to bring the good or bad out in you? That can be a good way of identifying who our associates should be. Refuse to be a perfectionist: Some societies and cultures even praise perfectionism as a good, desirable quality. However, does it result in happiness? Does it bring satisfaction? Is it reasonable, and does it promote good relationships? The answer to all those is, NO. If we – those with bipolar disorder – detect a tendency to be a perfectionist, it is something to be curtailed. Rather, it is better to have aspirations in accord with our abilities and circumstances – in performance, and in relationships. Talk and listen: This is delicate. Should we talk to the person who is hurting us and tell him so? Sometimes it may need to be done, but we have to decide carefully when and how to do it. Let the other person also express himself, and listen. Give him the time and many chances to change. It requires tremendous courage and patience, but some relationships are worth it. What if we don’t get the desired result? Take heart; the effort wasn’t futile! When feeling hurt, it can be almost impossible, but later it can be possible to think and also see the evidence. Try remembering these words: 18 If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.


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