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February 8, 2018
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February 9, 2018

The effect that a single stuck-at-1 fault

Question description
Question 1
Describe the effect that a
single stuck-at-1 fault (i.e., regardless of what it should be, the value is
always 1) would have in each of the following cases, in the single clock cycle
datapath discussed in class (see Figure 4.17 in the text). Which instructions,
if any, will not work correctly? Explain why. (With respect to ALUOp1 and
ALUOp0, assume that ALU control is implemented so that when both are 1, the
outcome is the same as for ALUOp1 = 1, ALUOp0 = 0.) Consider each of the
following faults separately:
Branch = 1
ALUOp0 = 1
ALUOp1 = 1
RegDst = 1
e. ALUSrc = 1
Note: Refer to section 4.4 in
the text for ALU Op lines, specifically, the ALU Control section along with
Figure 4.12.
Describe the modifications to
the single clock cycle datapath that would be needed to implement the jalr
instruction (jump and link register – see page B.64 of the text), and give the
control signal settings that would be required for this instruction.

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