El Centro College Genetic Engineering Summary
November 21, 2020
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November 21, 2020

The Chemical Level of Organization, 8 Questions help

Answer the questions in your own words an in complete sentences.

Proteins are a diverse group of molecules. List four functions performed by proteins.
There are many types of lipids in the human body. What type of lipid would be found in (a) cell membranes? (b) ovaries and testes? (c) subcutaneous fat deposits?
The bonds between hydrogen and oxygen in water differ from the bonds between hydrogen and carbon in carbohydrates. How and why do these bonds differ?
If an isotope of carbon has a mass number of 14 and an atomic number of 6, how many neutrons does it have? Explain your answer.
Describe some of the unusual properties of water.
If pure distilled water has a pH of 7.0, what is the concentration of H+ ions? What is the concentration of OH– ions? What is the ion product of water?
How does Alka Seltzer act as a buffer in the stomach?
What is the atomic number of an element with seven protons?


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