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October 18, 2020
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October 18, 2020

Terrorism and Gang activity, law homework help

A recent event has caused uproar in demands for law enforcement to be attentive to activities that could lead to terrorism or gang activity. Race has been a source of controversy because of the stereotypes and labels put on individuals from certain races and religious backgrounds.

Opinions about issues in society are often the catalyst for the foundations of social change. The combined opinions of all individuals determine society’s position on an issue. Because criminal justice professionals have a first-hand view of the individuals who will be affected by the change, it is particularly crucial that they develop and advocate a position on an issue.

Using the library, Internet, or any other available material for adequate, accurate, and relevant support, address your position on the controversial issue. Propose 2 strategies for dealing with law enforcement subculture and racial profiling. One strategy is to be from an ethical perspective and the other should be in terms of keeping societal opinion from making significant changes in the functioning of systems and society as a whole. 

My stance is that a general criteria should be utilized where race doesn’t come into play.  The charactersitics of those that are gang related and terrorists should be used.  

3-5 references where at least 1 reference is scholarly.  

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