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August 22, 2019
Explain… Why or why not?
August 22, 2019

Superior Essay Writers | Discovering Threats and Hazards Assessment Tools

Based on your readings thus far from the text and your own research explain what THIRA is. Next, explain and discuss what CARVER is. Finally, research different types of threat assessment tools / models such as but not limited to TRAM, BTRA or CTRA, IRMF, HAZUS-MH, or MSRAM, etc. Briefly discuss the one you find most interesting and or useful.

Lecture Notes – Threat & Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment by Dr. Melvin Richards
Hazard identification and risk assessment provides the factual basis for activities proposed in the strategy portion of a hazard mitigation plan. An effective risk assessment informs proposed actions by focusing attention and resources on the greatest risks. The 4 basic components of a risk assessment are:

  1. hazard identification, 3. inventory of assets, and
  2. profiling of hazard events,
    1. estimation of potential human and economic losses based on the exposure and vulnerability of people, buildings, and infrastructure.

The first step is to assemble an assessment team that has subject matter experts on the facility being assessed.

  1. Screening of assets 8. Consequence
  2. Characterize the facility 9. Compare estimated risk level to threshold
  3. Analyze the threats and estimate the likelihood of event 10. Suggest risk reduction strategies
  4. Assess the effectiveness of the physical and cyber-protection systems 11. If the estimated risk level is above the threshold, then re-evaluate the consequences and protection system effectiveness to measure and ensure relative security risk reduction
  5. Estimate relative security risk as a function of: 12.Analyze impacts of risk reduction packages
  6. Likelihood of attack 13. Present results to management
  7. Security system ineffectiveness 14. Risk management decisions are made

The risk assessment process begins with basic facts and assumptions and each step builds upon the other. The process of determining the priority order of the facilities and assets that the process is evaluating is the basic issue. The priority is based on the highest risk facility or building should be done first. The facility characterization will include a complete description of the property and all buildings, critical assets, and protection systems already in place. This identifies the ways undesired events can impact the facility processes. This step may need contact with local law enforcement or experts with knowledge of criminal activity in the region to estimate the criminal events that pose a risk to the facility. Other threats such as weather-related events can be studied through historical research or contacting local emergency management officials. There are five steps in the threat analysis process: collect information on the threats, prepare an adversary spectrum for the building, describe the threats, estimate the potential of an attack, and define the threat potential through a qualitative range of low too high to rank the likelihood of attack.

Estimating the risk requires combining the security risk parameters. The equation provides a reference level of the risk, very low to very high. In analyzing the risk estimation, it is tempting to use numbers to provide a quantitative value; however, it is better to use qualitative figures. The final step in the risk assessment process is the preparation of the report of risk assessment results and the presentation of the results to the managers and stakeholders. The total information package provides invaluable information for the risk management decision makers. The management team should take the information provided in the report and make the decisions of what to implement and what the schedule of implementation should be. This can include increasing insurance coverage, accept the level of risk, implement one or more of the packages, or request more study or information.

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