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September 17, 2020
Nathaniel Hawthorne’s “The Birthmark”
September 17, 2020

story telling textual analysis paper

Paper: 20 pts.

Part 1:Provide a written textual analysis (remember to double space) including the following:

1)Explain what appealed to you (and your partner, if applicable) in choosing your piece.

2)Discuss the genre, theme, plot, characters and motif(s) present in your selection.

3)What is the target age group for your performance and why?

4)Describe any methods utilized for audience participation (i.e. Set-Up questions, props, Choral

Speaking, sound effects, etc.)

5) If working with a partner, explain how you approached the process of preparing for this

assignment together including your decisions on how to tell the story, develop characters, stage your

story, involve your audience, etc.

Part 2: Identify the vocal, physical and personality characteristics you will use to suggest each character.


CharacterVocal PhysicalPersonality

1.Lokisqueaky, prepubescent pull shoulders insneaky

2. Thiasse deep, gruff, loud stand tall, musculararrogant

Prepare a numbered outline or list of the “hinges of action” in your story as you will re-tell it.

Example:1. Three brothers go out for an adventure

a. one brother is known for being mischievous

2. They get very hungry brother suggest they go on a hunt for food

3. The brothers hunt oxen…………………….Etc.

Storytelling Paper Grading Criteria

20 100% Perfect Paper! All elements are included clearly discussed; paper is extremely well written inproper format,

including a copy of original source story & complete bibliographic reference;assignment cover sheet is attached.

18-19 90% All elements are included and clearly discussed; paper is very well written in proper format including a complete

bibliography or source reference for your piece.

video of the story.

samples for part one and two will be attached.

make sure the paper is similar to the sample papers.


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