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November 21, 2020
5) Use spreadsheet in a common size income statement format for the most recent year and the year before.
November 21, 2020

storm hydrograph with snapshots

I have attached my assignment.

1. Create a general EXCEL program to route any storm hydrograph through any reservoir reach. The inputs will be:

  •  The spillway constant
  •  The spillway length (ft)
  •  The surface area of the reservoir (constant) (acres)
  •  The routing time (Δt) (hours)
  •  The (inflow) storm hydrograph to be routed (Q in cfs)

2. Run the program for the following inputs:

    •  Spillway constant = (1st digit of your student number/3)+2
    •  Spillway length = 2nd digit of your student number*3
    •  Surface area = 3rd digit of your student number*100
    •  Routing time = 4th digit of your student number
    •  Inflow = (please see the table in the attachment file)

    Skip any zeros in your student number.

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