April 26, 2021
Epidemiology And Statistics
April 26, 2021

Statement Of Purpose 19852851

Write A 500- word essay stating why he/she is interested in iMSA or Masters of Science in Accounting degree program and what his/her goals are related to this program?In your statement please cover the following topics: Describe your long- and short-term career goals of earning an MSA from Gies College of Business. Discuss why you think you are the ideal fit for this program. Tell us what you value most in your learning experience.
Some of my background experience are the study of Accounting backing high school, financial accounting and managerial accounting at college gaining skills debit and credit account, bank reconsciliation, trial balance, depreciation, creating ledger and journals, knowledge about the GAP or principles of Accounting, expenditure account. Couple with my business administration and Human Resources skills, I believe this iMSA product align with my knowledge and skills to be able to excel well in this program. 

Currently have BS in Business Administration and HRM

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