An outline of how you have formulated your response to Richard Hackman’s statement.
February 23, 2021
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February 23, 2021

speech assignment 4

The purpose of a persuasive speech is to change or reinforce the audience’s response to a controversial issue. You must explicitly advocate a position, and structure an argument for a particular viewpoint, using various forms of information to support your stance. Your job is to convince your audience to alter their beliefs, attitudes and behavior about your topic. Since your time is limited to 4-6 minutes, your careful selection of supporting data is critical.

As with the Informative Speech, you will submit a typed outline along with a bibliography of at least five sources. The outline will contain an Introduction, a central idea, a body and a conclusion. The conclusion must contain a summary, a call to action, and a memorable closing statement. You may only use note cards for the presentation.

As before, the delivery must be extemporaneous, neither read nor memorized. Points are added for conversational style. Timing will be graded.

Your speech will be graded on and strengthened by your citing of the sources from your bibliography. Use of statistics, quotes, facts, and paraphrasing of experts heighten credibility, but you must cite the reference verbally.

Things to consider:

Topic: You are not giving strictly information in this speech, you are trying to sway audience opinion and action. Make sure you are clear about the issue and where you stand on it.

– Organization: Pay attention to the order in which you place your arguments.

– Avoid reasoning fallacies.

– Language: Use descriptive, colorful, assertive language. Make every word count.

  • Credibility: You can increase your self-confidence and your credibility by wearing appropriate apparel, using current research, and citing expert sources.


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