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October 9, 2021
2 pages reflection paper | Statistics homework help
October 9, 2021

speech analysis 1 5 2pages

Just pick of speech on YouTube or TedTalks and just answer with a few sentences and insights under each question(1,5-2 pages long). Please give me the link of the speech you choose, and make sure I am able to watch. Looking for a high quality work, but please use easy words, English is my second language. Please Avoid some kinds of politics related speech.

Watch a speaker on Ted Talks, a live event, on television, etc. In your paper–about 1.5-2.0 pages–discuss:

1) Who was the speaker and topic?

2) What was the setting like?

3) Why did choose this speaker?

4) What did the speaker do well on public speaking skills? (verbals, non verbals, words, etc.)

5) What should they work on in the future?


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