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October 9, 2021
communicating strategies for mentoring success | ECE 672 Personnel Management & Staff Development for Early Childhood Administrators | Ashford University
October 9, 2021

Special education

Helen is 4 years old and has an eligibility of Downs Syndrome. Helen has low verbal skills and is exhibiting difficult behavior in class. She bites students and frequently leaves the centers and designated play areas. Recently Helen has begun to pull student’s hair. Here teacher, Ms. Stanwick has invited you to observe Helen during the class and make some recommendations about her behavior. Please answer the following questions and cite the answers from the text of from other course materials.Discuss what information you learned (from this course or others) that would support Helen in the general or special education classrooms.What technology can you use to support Helen in developing more positive behavior?What are some teaching strategies you would recommend supporting Helen in completing task and staying in the designated area?What are some of the materials you would use in the classroom to create a positive environment?here the link that you can get information about my assignment


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