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November 20, 2020
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November 20, 2020

Solar Energy Engineering

  • 1. The attached Excel file contains Jsc and Voc data obtained at different light intensities and temperatures. Plot these data on a log-linear graph with each temperature a separate data set from the others (but on the same graph). Be sure to label axes and units!
  • 2. Fit a single exponential function through each light intensity series of data at each temperature. Make note of the 2 fitting parameters, which can be identified with the saturation current density J_0 and the ideality factor (with some manipulation viz. the diode equation). Compute the ideality factors and plot versus temperature.
  • 3. Take the saturation current densities you determined at each temperature and plot them on a log-linear scale where the x-axis is (1/kT) where k is Boltzmann’s constant. These data should form a straight line. Fit a single exponential through this line and note the 2 parameters that determine the fit. The slope is identified with the activation energy of the recombination mechanism in the device, in units of eV. What material parameter is this energy identified with? What materials could this absorber be?

Note: this analysis is duplicated in the attached paper by Eray Aydil at the University of Minnesota. Follow along in section 3 of the paper for help.

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