March 13, 2021
March 13, 2021

social Psych modules writing homework help

To help make the ideas in this chapter a little more meaningful for you (and to practice elaborative rehearsal), I would like for you to think of examples from you own life that demonstrate the concepts you read about in the Social Psych modules. 

For EACH module [36, 37, and 38] tell me two different ways that you have observed two different concepts from the textbook in your own world or life.  This means you will give a total of 6 examples, two from each module and two different concepts from each module.  Please number each idea 1-6. 

For each example, define in your own words what the concept is and then how you have observed it in your life. Your post will be at least 500 words, but likely more.  You can also link to youtube videos or news stories but you should be sure to describe the scenario in your own thoughts and word in the forum. 


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