Regression Analysis,”For mathematicsexpert
November 22, 2021
Your text presents a review of the literature which consistently disconfirms our stereotype that men are more likely to perpetrate intimate partner violence than women. Why does this false stereotype persist?&nbsp
November 22, 2021

Social media discussion for marketing


Read the blog, How Facebook Stole Your Psychological Profile by Susan Krauss Whitbourne (Psychology Today accessed 4/16/2018) posted on 4/10/2018.

Find and read one additional article about the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica controversy.  Answer the following questions in your post.

  1. Is profiling an invasion of your privacy? Why or why not? Use information from each of the readings in your response.
  2. The current controversy (Facebook and Cambridge Analytica) involves the use of profiling data for political purposes.  Profiling for marketing and business purposes is quite common.  What is your level of comfort with Facebook sharing your information (a) for political/governmental purposes and (b) marketing/business purposes?  Explain. Use information from each of the readings in your response.
  3. Provide the full citation for the additional article that you read as background for this post.
  4. 150 words minimum

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