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September 17, 2021
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September 17, 2021

Soc | Sociology homework help

It’s time to begin preparing for your last paper, due week 14.  For this assignment, arrange an interview with someone who is a professional acquaintance (no family members or your best friend, please). This should be a 1-hour interview where you have chosen some open-ended questions to ask. 

The topic for your paper is sociological identity. This could be centered around one’s identity concerning culture, socialization, social class, group identity, gender/sexuality, racial/ethnic identity, etc. It can certainly be a mix of all of those. You will prepare for this assignment by reviewing the readings and your notes.

First, begin by putting together a list of 8-10 questions. Your goal is to keep the interview as non-directive as possible (in other words, don’t ask ‘leading questions’ – example, “I bet that made you feel really bad, huh?”) 

To help keep your interview on target, and your paper on the right track, submit your interview questions to me here so that I can provide you with some ample feedback. 

NOTE: If you are unable to meet someone in person, you can conduct your interview over the phone, Skype, FaceTime, etc., 

Submit your list of 8-10 questions as a .docx or .pdf file. 

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