August 24, 2020
August 24, 2020

Significance of health care affordability to nursing profession

Provision of quality health care to all patients is the most important value of all medical sectors all over the world. Therefore, the problem of affordability is highly significant in the nursing profession. When some patients cannot afford the costs of the health care that they deserve, it becomes almost impossible for the nurses to offer quality health care to all the patients. Many patients die while under the nurses watch .This impacts negatively on the nurses’ emotions as they end up feeling that they failed in their obligation of helping all patients have their health restored (Collins, 2015).
The government of the United States has made a commendable effort to provide health insurance to as many citizens as possible. A good number of patients have benefitted from the provisions of the Affordable Health Care Act through health insurance covers. However, many people fail to benefit from the insurance cover(Kuhlthau, et al., 2016). I recommend that the premiums for the health insurance should be lowered a………

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