April 8, 2021
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April 8, 2021

Services Marketing Discussion

Potential Success Factors for a Fruit and Vegetable Store – The Offering Concept A broader range of produce (unusual fruits/vegetables) Higher quality produce (at higher prices) Lower prices (which may imply lower quality) Specialist in organic produce Specialist in particular produce (that is, just fruit) Convenient location (on a main road with easy parking) Fast service (have a drive-through store on a main road) Friendly and knowledgeable staff Provide a food preparation service as well (that is, cut up your fruit/vegetables while you wait) An exciting/attractive store look/design

Questions What success factors (from the above list) would you use in your fruit/vegetable store? Which 3 are most important? How would you develop training for employees? What would be your service motto? Do you think that your design would effectively meet a market need? Do you think that your design will allow you to effectively compete against the big supermarket chains?

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