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Servant leadership organization


Research one of the servant leadership organizations listed below.

In a 750-1,000-word paper, include the following:

A summary of how the organization implements the principles
of servant leadership in providing customer service, hiring and managing
employees, and modeling operations and policies.

A discussion of how the implementation of servant leadership affects the community and the common good.

An explanation of how adopting principles of servant
leadership could result in conflict or create operational challenges.
Include how the leader has addressed these challenges.

An explanation of the benefits and moral obligation of
leading with kindness, compassion, and justice for the good of followers
and the community

Use a minimum of two resources to strengthen and support your claims. Each section of your essay should use in-text citations.

Corporate Servant Leaders

Jason’s Deli, Anadarko Petroleum Corporation, Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen, SAS, Wegmans Food Market,,
Nugget Market, Recreational Equipment (REI), Whole Foods Market,
QuikTrip, Balfour Beatty Construction, TD Industries, Aflac, Marriott
International, Nordstrom, Men’s Wearhouse, Darden Restaurants,
Starbucks, Chick-Fil-A, Southwest Airlines, Medtronic ,Landry’s
Bicycles, Synovus Financial, Folds for honor, 7- Eleven, Banner Health
System, Food for the Hungry, Trilogy Health Services, US Cellular.


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