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October 9, 2021
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scientific method hw

Apply the scientific method to environmental investigation.


Researchers wanted to determine if

a new organic pesticide Z was effective at killing grasshoppers that typically invade cornfields.

The effect of the grasshoppers in the fields is a decrease in yield which has economic consequences on the farmers. For the study two ten- acre cornfields located 1 mile apart were chosen. The cornfield to the west was sprayed only with water. The cornfield on the east received the same amount of water with a 10% solution oforganic pesticide Z. Samples of the numbers of grasshoppers in the field were made every week for 10 weeks.


West field treated only with water

The number of grasshoppers in the west field doubled after ten weeks.

East field treated with pesticide Z

The number of grasshoppers in the east field declined by 50% after 10 weeks.

The followingquestions relate to this experiment.

1)State a possible hypothesis for this study.

2)What was the purpose of conducting this experiment?

3)What was the independent variable in the above experiment?

4)What was the dependent variable in the above experiment?

5)Which group was the control group?

6)Why is it important to have a controlgroup in the experimental design?

7)Which of the following is the most accurate conclusion about these results?

A.Pesticide Z is a good way to control most insect infestations on fields of corn, wheat,

or oats.

B.East fields are more likely than west fields to have problems with grasshoppers eating corn crops.

C.If a cornfield is sprayed with pesticide Z, it will have fewer grasshoppers 10 weeks later.

D.Pesticide Z is unable to kill grasshoppers and is not suitable for the use in modern agriculture

8) Based on the results of the experiment what will be your recommendation to the farmer in order to decrease the number of grasshoppers in the corn field.

9) Arrange the stages of the scientific method listed below in order from first to last.

1.Analyze data

2.Formula te hypothesis

3.Make observation about nature

4.Reject or accept hypothesis

5.Conduct experiments

__, __, __, __, __

10)You have noticed that after you forget to water your houseplant it wilts. This is an example of which part of the scientific method:




Watch : The Scientific method (Youtube)…


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