PSY/301 Week 2 – Individual Assignment – Individual Development Plan Paper – A+ & Original Guaranteed from an A+ rated tutor!,”PSY/301 Week 2 – Individual Assignment -&nbsp
November 25, 2021
– Complete this bullet onlyAnalyze the importance of architectural development supporting sustainable development- Team Member (3 slides minimum)
November 25, 2021

sap reflection report

1. A brief description of the business process (i.e. sales and distribution, materials management, production planning and execution etc.…) that you just completed (what did you do and what this business process is for in an organization?)
2. What did you think went well? (Strengths)
3. What didn’t go well? How could you improve for the future exercise and case study activity? (Weaknesses)
4. What would be your role (position title) in the organization for that activity? List any possible roles.
5. List at least three things you learned during this activity (i.e. What business strategy you learned from this activity?). (Outcomes)


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