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February 21, 2021
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February 21, 2021

sale and marketing lesson 8

esson 8

Activity 1 Watch Coca Cola Hello Happiness together as a whole class.

Then in marketing team discuss the video.

                          1. Is it socially responsible marketing? Environmentally responsible marketing?
                          2. What are the pros and cons?
                          3. What it the intent? Does it meet a life style need?

Locate at least two other videos that demonstrate socially and/or environmentally responsible marketing. Share them electronically with the team and present them in a whole class discussion.

Focus your presentation on what the marketing strategy was, how it is socially and/or environmentally responsible, whether you believe it is effective and why.

Activity 2: Case Study 10 Companies With Social Responsibility at the Core

In the marketing team, read and analyze the ten companies.

                          1. What area of social responsibility does each have as a core belief and value?
                          2. What difference does it make that social responsibility is at the core of its beliefs?
                          3. How does their social responsibility translate into productivity?
                          4. What ideas can you glean from what these companies have done that will help you develop your own socially responsible company?

Activity 3: Design a Socially or Environmentally Responsible strategy for your company.

Based on what has been learned, marketing teams design a socially or environmentally responsible marketing strategy for their company. It can target the company as a whole or one arm of the company but should be incorporated into the core values of the company as a whole.

In an engaging, informative and concise ad describe:

  1. What your core value or belief is
  2. What the company produces
  3. What specifically your company will do to demonstrate social or environmental responsibility – describe in detail
  4. How the strategy fits into the overall strategy for the company.

Present your ad to the other marketing teams.

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