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April 5, 2021
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rough draft 34

Due November 7, 2018

The subject for the paper is disability in the media. It was to be based on an assignment you did for me, I will attach it. It needs to have the same sources and argument as in the outline.

the paper needs to be a minimum of 6 pages. I don’t mind it to be exactly 6 pages if all the requirement are meet.

Write a formal, academic research paper addressing the topic in your proposal.

NOTE: This is not a ROUGH draft. It is a first draft, which means it should be as polished as possible.


The research paper should be a polished document that makes a strong argument and supports that argument throughout the body of the paper using research sources.

Research Sources

You must use evidence from at least 6-8 sources as support for your argument:

  • academically-appropriate outside research sources

Your outside research sources must be college-level sources. You MAY NOT use the following sources:

  • Dictionaries (online or in print)
  • Encyclopedias (online or in print)
  • Wikipedia
  • Study guides
  • Papers written by other students (online or in print)

For information about appropriate sources, visit Handouts and Help at the Blackboard class site.


You must explain your ideas in detail in order to make a clear and complete argument. For this assignment, you’ll also need to include specific examples (quotes) from ALL 5 sources to support your analysis.


Your paper MUST include 1-2 paragraphs of counterargument and rebuttal, including at support from at least one source.


  • You must include a Works Cited Page with your research paper. DO NOT submit this as a separate document; the Works Cited page belongs at the end of your paper.
  • ALL assignments must be submitted in proper MLA format. For help with MLA style guidelines, read Chapter 22 in EAA and visit the Purdue OWL website and search for MLA:


This paper should be approximately 8 pages in length, not including the Works Cited page. The outline should not be included as a part of your research paper.


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