module’s SLP you are asked to further discuss the extent and the impact of this problem. How often is it encountered? What are its negative consequences? Who is affected by the problem? What could be its implications for the mission and vision of the healthcare organization where the problem occurs?
April 8, 2021
read the instructions down below and finish the assignment
April 8, 2021

Research Paper 19942949


 Social Media advertising plan for your own consumer coffee brand Up to four people to a group 4,400 words minimum. Due date December 10, 2020 Minimum 8 in-text references. APA 6 Style Include pictures, charts, graphs, videos and/or as necessary. The assignment will be checked for originality by TurnitIn


·  Campaign Name: (Make  the campaign name catchy, unique, and easily identifiable so your team can get behind it)

·  Campaign Description: (What is the purpose of your campaign? Explain in 2-3 paragraphs what the inspiration behind your campaign is, how it aligns with your company initiatives, what customer problems you’re solving, and what the final deliverables of the campaign will be)

·  Product (4 P’s)

·  Target Market

·  Goals and ROI: (Increase brand awareness, profit, sign-ups, product awareness, etc. — be sure to identify and quantify it)

·  Advertising platforms

For each ad you intend to run in this campaign, you should provide the following:

Platform name

Ad type

Description of the ad



For example, your content in this section might look like this:

Platform #1: YouTube

Advertisement Type: Video

Description of Ad: A 15-second pre-video ad. The video will be an animated look at our new app with a link to the app store at when someone clicks.

Timeline: July 1 – July 31

Budget: $10,000

·  Develop your timeline for 2021

·  Budget campaign 

·  References

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