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March 16, 2021
After viewing the lecture, write 2–3 paragraphs on how you will incorporate this information into your practice
March 16, 2021

Religion in the United Arab Emirates

Write a two-paragraph Journal entry of your county project. You should give a comment on the overall project and answer the following questions regarding your part of the project.,

1. Based on what you knew or believed you knew about the country, what knowledged have your gained? What surprised you? What disappointed you? Assuming you have not visited this country, do you think you would like to visit this country in the future?

My part in the presentation was on religion on the UAE. so i want u to answer this question in one of the two paragraphs

Here is what i said in the presentation.




non-Israeli Jews

five principles or pillars

There is only one God, Allah and Mohammad is his prophet, Daily prayer, Giving alms and charity to the poor, Fasting during Ramadan and The pilgrimage to Mecca once in his life.

Religion is a very important component of UAE society. It is the basis of their culture, their political system and their way of life.

Although Islam is the official religion of the country, the United Arab Emirates have always advocated freedom of religion.

Today, about 80% of the local population is Muslim. There are about 8% Hindu, 5% Christians, and some Buddhist and Sikh minorities. There are at least 33 churches and Christian prayer rooms in the UAE, mostly held by the falibino.

There are also some non-Israeli Jews in the UAE. And they are advised to remain discreet about their religion, because of tensions between Arab countries and Israel. Also it is impossible to enter the UAE if your passport contains a visa from Israel.

This diversity reflects the very strong ethnic diversity of the UAE.

I upload the file to see the slide about religion.


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