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April 7, 2021
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April 7, 2021

religion and film essay

10 Pages MLA double spaces

Each film should be about 200-250 words Total 13 films, short introduction and conclusion, focus on these firms.

Make sure you use at least 1-2 reading for each film.

Use your own words, No outside sources.

The films that we have screened and discussed are

1.Lonely are the Brave, 2.Red River, 3.High Noon, 4.The Searchers, 5.My Darling Clementine, 6.The Wild Bunch, 7. Pale Rider, 8. Little Big Man, 9. Dead Man, 10. Heaven’s Gate, 11. the Coen Brothers’ True Grit, and finally, 12. Unforgiven. 13. “Hud” directed by Martin Ritt (Total 13 films, you do not need follow this order )

Discuss these three themes (Read below for what are 3 themes) in your essay.

Make certain to provide appropriate detail and reading materials for each of the films you discuss.

Over the past ten weeks we have studied the American Western through three themes.

First, we have examined how a series of films represents the West or the Frontier as a specific imagined space of chaos and violence. It is also a space where heroes can accomplish supra-human deeds, where law and justice are often identified with force and power, and it is a space of immense potentiality.

Second, we discussed how the American western represented the struggle between good and evil. Some films represent this struggle as a singular conflict while other films represent is as an eternal struggle in which neither good nor evil vanquishes the other permanently, and others view the struggle as cosmic struggle.

And, third, we examined how the other can be represented through a dynamic of religious understanding or misunderstanding.As we have noted, this dynamic is central in representations of Native American peoples, as well as otherness in settlers and ranchers, pan and sluice miners and high-pressure hydrological minning.

We will examine three religious themes in the films that we screen in their entirety or scenes used in class from other films or the films that students will select.The first of these is the frontier and the West as symbolic spaces that hold enormous but ambivalent powers of both creation and destruction.They are always spaces that are constantly being mythologized or re-mythologized.The second theme is the struggle between good and evil.In the first generations of Western films, good characters were always dressed in white and malignant characters would be dressed in black.But this representation of good and evil may go far beyond struggles between individuals or between groups (e.g., the cattle ranchers against the settler farmers or between pan-miners against hydraulic miners) so that the seeming struggle reflects a larger struggle involving cosmic forces. What do the films we view tell us about the different ways of creating “the other” in these conflicts? The third theme, and the most important dynamic in this genre, is religious understanding and misunderstanding, which we will see at the heart of many of the conflicts that arise in Western films.


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