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February 23, 2021
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February 23, 2021

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Final Project
Your assignment consists of several parts.
1. Select one case study on which to conduct a Behavioral Support Plan. Choose
between, Pablo, Dana, Sarah, or Sashi. ONLY ONE CASE STUDY IS REQUIRED.
2. Read your chosen case study’s biography (provided in the module).
3. Complete a Support Planning Chart for your chosen case study. The document
provided in the module should allow you to type directly into the document and
respond to the questions. Please be thorough and reflective with your answers. Use
information provided to you throughout the course thus far.
4. Using all the material gathered throughout the course, provide a summary of how
best to respond to the child’s behaviors demonstrating supportive measuresthat
could be used to prevent, replace, and replace behaviors with stronger social and
emotional skills. Use Tim’s plan (module 6) as an example.
An example of how best to complete this assignment is provided in the example of Tim
(Module 6). This assignment is due at the end of the semester as stated in the syllabus and
course calendar.


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