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April 5, 2021
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read the following excerpt from the moca exhibit written to introduce the concept of jing luo

In addition to the skeletal, circulatory, nervous and endocrine systems, Chinese medicine acknowledges the existence of the 經絡jing luo or meridian system through which qi and blood circulate throughout the body. The word “meridian” used in English language references of Chinese medicine comes from a 14th century French translation. Often we see the term ‘channel’ used interchangeably with ‘meridian.’. ‘Channel’ captures the idea of a conduit through which vital substances flow; while ‘meridian’ implies a longitudinal and latitudinal grid that encircles the globe and reminds us to think about our bodily connections on a macro level. Both are good descriptors of this system.

Consider the issue of language and the translation of language, and our particular reliance in the context of learning and practicing Chinese medicine in today’s cross cultural context; transmission through language written and spoken. What does language allow us to access and convey, where might there be hindrances? How do you, how can you account for this, work with it, manage this? Consider both your learning and scholarship, as well as in your practice (with patients, intra-professional, inter-professional, in the encounter with those who are like minded, those who are skeptical, others with whom there is little to no apparent resonance, etc).


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