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March 29, 2021
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March 29, 2021

r write 2 responses to two students post 150words for each one


A. The Pentecostal sect is one of the largest Christian groups in the world, and they focus on accepting people from all backgrounds and identities. They brought a marginalized society, opened their arms, and were at the boundaries of social norms. This religion does not discriminate against the role of race, nation or society. They do not discriminate for any reason, and everyone is equal. For this reason, Pentagonism tends to attract people on the margins of society. Unlike Christianity, they are not a set of rules that face different standards.

B. Pentecostal sects put forward “egalitarian impulse”, which means that they put equality and fairness in a very important position. They fight for the injustices in society, and they help the minority, the poor and the weak. I think equality is very important. If a country lacks egalitarianism, it will be difficult to grow. Everyone deserves respect and freedom

C. Evangelicals in recent years have turned to more world focus, not just a strict belief-based view. People firmly believe that faith is the call for people’s justice. People pay more attention to issues related to social injustice and the economy. Young evangelicals are passionate about political and social issues.

D. Jim Wallis discussed the issue of church and state in podcasts. I think the political and religious issues of the country should be separated. Therefore, national politicians should not infiltrate religious beliefs into national politics, and those who believe in religion should not encourage political trends. Do not let one party restrict the other. The state should give respect and freedom to both.


A) Pentecostalism attracted people “on the margins” because it is a religion about good and evil, where they believe that Jesus Christ allows people to perform exorcisms to remove evil spirits, something that is not popular in Christian fundamentalism.

B) Krista Tippet described Pentecostalism as a breakaway from Evangelicalism and Christian Fundamentalism. Pentecostalism is very spiritual, it does not believe in doctrines, but direct contact with God, which caused movements of equality and views more in line with democratic views and changing the world.

C) Jim Wallis explained the history of Evangelicalism as events of awakenings. The first was the war on independence, then slavery and women’s rights to vote, then William Jennings Bryan with the progressive movement, then black churches and civil rights movements. Then politicians attempted to attract Christians as more of a political movement than a religious one, that turned into more conversative movements like abortion and gay marriage. Now more recently in a new generation, Evangelicalism has turned back to progressive movements of caring for children who have preventable diseases. The Sermon on the Mount helped give Jim Wallis a deeper and stronger read than other philosophical texts.

D) Krista Tippet was saying that Jim Wallis’ hopes for using Christian faith to solve big world problems and start social movements may create issues with the separation of church and state. Jim Wallis explained that in the same way Martin Luther King Jr. was a person of the Christian faith never publicly supported one political candidate but still moved politics, and in the same way Desmond Tutu helped liberate South Africa and then separately became a voice of faith, Christians should understand the separation of church and state but keep moral guidelines of their faith public while using their voices to sway politicians, in the same way a group of people “change the wind” of a finger-licking politician. I personally think a large group of people can do good things and sway politicians without any religion necessary.


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