CJA 323 Week 1 Individual Assignment Crime Data Comparison Paper,”
November 19, 2021
Describe a specific situation—a real-life scenario—in which the theory could be appropriately applied.Provide a brief explanation of how the theory would predict or explain the behavior of the people involved. Explain any limitations of the theory in this situation. For example, what aspects of the behavior does it not adequately explain?Other RequirementsWritten communication:&nbsp
November 19, 2021

quot gesture based and haptic interfaces quot please respond to the following

Only Need 1 paragraph

  • The Microsoft Xbox Kinect gaming console uses air-based gestures captured via camera technology. A camera and a depth sensor together measure the three-dimensional positioning of key joints on the player’s body and then track the body’s air gestures. The Sony Move is a motion-sensing wand that uses a camera to track the player’s movements using light technology. Compare and contrast the ease of use, safety, and natural user interface (NUI) ability between the Kinect and the Move. Explain which technology you prefer and why.
  • The Huggy Pajama (http://mixedrealitylab.org/projects/all-projects/huggy-pajama/) is a wearable system that promotes physical interaction in remote communication between a parent and a child. A MusicJacket (http://homepage.ntlworld.com/r.stow1/jb/publications/vanderLindenInstrumentation11.pdf) uses vibrotactile feedback to help novice violin players learn how to hold a violin correctly. Compare and contrast the application of the electrical sensation, natural feel, and user acceptance of the Huggy Pajama and the MusicJacket as described in Chapter 6 of the textbook.


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